Welcome! Here at JMS Creative Designs, Inc, we fulfill the pet industry with innovation. The pet industry is a $57 Billion industry and rapidly growing. With our unique services, your business will gain the opportunity to make an impact in the pet industry.

Our Services:

Pet Invent Incubator
  • (NEW) Pet Invent Incubator - have an idea for a pet product? We will design your idea for you and use our powerful resources to get your product out on the market. Click on the Pet Invent Incubator tab to find out more info on how to get rich quick!
  • Logo Design - we design custom logos to represent you well and make your brand stand out.
  • Product Design - whether you think of the idea or we do, we can design it.
  • Package Design - we develop competitive packaging to attract consumers.
  • Web Design - we can build your custom website through simple templates.
Product Development
  • Idea Generation - we invent and design unique products that fit your business.
  • Idea Screening – we forecast the costs and benefits of the idea before the manufacturing process.
  • Concept Development and Testing - we develop the marketing and engineering details. Before producing the product, we will show the designs to consumers.
  • Business Analysis – we estimate profitability and break-even points including a competition analysis.
  • Beta Testing and Market Testing – we produce prototypes, with packaging, and launch the product line at trade shows for feedback.
  • Technical Implementation – we plan programs to sustain the resources needed to fulfill orders.
  • Commercialization – we launch the product to the market, by selling B2B or B2C, and place advertisements and promotions.
  • New Product Pricing – we make a pricing analysis to provide affordable products at a very competitive price.
Private Label
  • Brand Development - we create logos, products, and names for products to fulfill an innovative brand.
  • Product Development – we perform the product development process mentioned above.
  • Package Development – we develop competitive packaging to attract consumers.
  • Product Line Representation – we represent a product or an idea that you have already created, and consult with our long list of resources to bring your product or idea to market.
  • Partnership - some enter the pet industry, and would love to have resourceful partners. We can either find you the perfect partners to help you with your venture, or we can be your partner!
  • Manufacturer Representation - we represent your company and sell your innovative products to all of our worldwide accounts.
    • Grocery Chains
    • Drug Store Chains
    • E-commerce Sites
    • Flash Sale or Daily Deal Sites
    • Department Stores
    • Pet Boutiques
    • Pet Store Chains
    • Distributors
    • Fulfillment Centers
  • Social Media Marketing - we use social media networks and marketing strategies to reach out to consumers and create communities for your business. What makes us different from other social media marketers? We guarantee an increase in sales! While having an expertise in the pet industry, we have the experience to build your brand, promote your products, and generate sales through your social media accounts.
    • Facebook Business Page
    • Facebook Store
    • Twitter
    • Google+
    • LinkedIn
    • Digg
    • Instagram
    • WordPress
    • WordPress Store
    • Tumblr
    • Pinterest
    • StumbleUpon
  • Advertising – we have creative strategies for advertising, so your brand can grow with the least amount of advertising expenses.
  • Promotions – we use successful promotional strategies to execute sales. This process is also done through social media marketing.

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Caution: All product lines are currently being sold on the worldwide market. Product lines, logos, and designs may be trademarked, patented, patent pending, registered, or under a provision. Any theft of any sort is prohibited by law.

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